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"What many bridal couples wonders"

Why should we hire wedding planners? 

The effort to plan and organize a wedding is simply underestimated. Due to lack of time, career plans or other commitments, many couples hire friends and acquaintances to do this. But most of them are doing this for the first time. Soon they have to realize that they are overwhelmed by the variety of offers, that it takes much more time than expected and that compromises are made unintentionally.

In addition, there is a lack of valuable experience, of which wedding planners have a lot in their luggage. Therefore, entrust this special day to a professional team, because after all, there is not every day to celebrate such an event!


See also "Your benefits".

How much does a wedding planner cost? 

In our offers we are already included in the price. So you know in advance how much your wedding with wedding planner will cost. 


We at Wedding in Style can give you an exact cost framework, which does not bring sudden additional costs due to possible additional expenditure

How can I give my maid of honor the feeling that she is also needed, even if wedding planners are hired? 

The primary task of a best man is to be at the side of the bride and groom and to support them morally and emotionally. Certainly there are also tasks where the maid of honor can be integrated if desired.

Especially on the wedding day, witnesses should be there for the bride and groom and should not have to take care of other tasks, unless it is explicitly requested by you. 

If guests have questions or concerns, can we refer them directly to the wedding planners?
Yes, guests and witnesses should always contact the wedding planners directly if they have questions or concerns.


Under no circumstances should the bridal couple be confronted with questions or problems on the wedding day. The bridal couple should simply enjoy this very special day. 

The social program was organized by the table major and the guests. Does a wedding planner consider the wishes?

Of course, we will clarify this with you in advance and, if desired, ensure that everything will run according to your wishes. 


We discuss this with the persons involved and integrate it into the event. Through experience we know how much time is needed and in which time block a performance makes sense. 

Aren't wedding planners too much of an influence? 

No. A good wedding planner is there to implement your wishes and ideas and to support you with additional inputs, alternative suggestions and creative solutions. Ultimately, however, it is you personally who decides which of these should be implemented. 

Are the best partners really recommended to us or do wedding planners only place companies that earn the most commission? 

Our selected partner companies are well-known service providers with excellent references, which have been personally checked by us.


A good recommendation and cooperation is worth more than a high commission. The goal is that the customer is satisfied.

Is the engagement of wedding planners even with a small budget reasonable or possible? 

Of course it is. Our effort is always calculated according to your ideas and wishes. 

Our concept stands and we know what we want, can a wedding planner still be useful here? 

Wedding planners can put the finishing touches to your concept with a so-called professional check, make optimization suggestions and carry out all the checks that are often not taken into account or simply forgotten. 

We do not need wedding planners, our best man and parents coordinate everything on the wedding day. 

Don't forget that even your closest family members and best man are nervous on that day. Especially when you are given such a demanding task. It is an enormous pressure that you put on the commissioners. Furthermore, you must also be aware that your loved ones will also be guests at your wedding, but will not experience much of the celebration, as they will have to take care of various things all the time.

Therefore, make sure you understand the advantages of using a wedding planner and you will find that with one investment, all your guests will be able to enjoy the party together with you.

What happens if you as a wedding planner are absent due to illness?

Since we work in pairs, both of us always know everything. If one is cancelled, the other one is still here.

Do you have any questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly answer any uncertainties or concerns you may have.  

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